BMW S58 G80 M3/4 DOWNPIPE EXHAUST 2020+ 3″


  • Durable 304 High-grade stainless steel
  • Factory-like placement of O2 sensors
  • Designed using the latest 3D scanning technology
  • Exhaust flow simulated with CAD software to ensure optimal flow routing
  • Perfect fit with factory or aftermarket mid-pipes
  • Clips fitting included
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BMW G80 G82 M3 M4 S58 Competition Stainless Steel Decat Downpipes with Flexi

The TIG welded M3 M4 downpipes are made of T-304 high-grade stainless steel.

Due to the turbo’s faster spool, it has a sharper throttle response, as well as substantial power improvements and a much more aggressive exhaust tune that sounds incredible. These downpipes have a flexi in them to make installation easier and reduce exhaust under stress.

The easing of the turbocharger results in lower temperatures and reduced exhaust backpressure.

The cylinder charge is raised as a result a higher performance is achievable.

There is a significant weight reduction due to the redesign of catalytic converter from stock.

Mandrel has been bent for better gas flow and maximum internal dimensions to provide best performance without losing mid-range torque.

Brushed stainless steel finish

We tested this item and discovered a 15-20bhp increase.

Professional assembly is required because certain exhausts sit slightly differently than others and can be tight, despite the fact that this device has gotten positive feedback.
In most circumstances, acquiring Lambda Sensor Spacer will prevent the engine light from going on. 
These can be found by requesting this from  us  with an addition fee. 
They also have OPF filters with sensors that tuner will have to code out. 
Before making purchase, we recommend chatting with our expert engineers.
Downpipes will be installed on the following models with 5490.
  1. BMW M3 G80, 
  2. BMW M4 G82, 
  3. BMW M5 G83
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